Bird in the kitchen

GADSBY/WESTWOODS -- Let's talk about the wind. I'm sure all our neighbours have something belonging to us and we probably have theirs!

GADSBY/WESTWOODS — Let’s talk about the wind. I’m sure all our neighbours have something belonging to us and we probably have theirs! But we did have one experience worth reporting, A starling (a rather large one) got into our house via the chimney. When Percy opened the basement door, up it came, in the kitchen, the dining room and finally the porch. Like any good farm wife, I’m waving a tea towel and “shooing” it, Percy has the porch door open, wind not helping, finally the bird finds the door and leaves. whew!

An exciting weekend for Wade and Ybiett Diegel and family who moved into their new home a few miles north of where they were living. They had purchased and took possession of the ‘Duris’ farm home several months ago, went through a reno time and are now enjoying the fruits of their labor. Their new neighbour being Guy Cassidy (John and Betty Anne Robinson) Cassidy who has moved into what was his grandparents’ farm many years ago, the Jim Robinson place. Welcome all!

Corina Derr and her girls attended the music festival in Drumheller this weekend. Shayla won high gold for her solo; and high gold for duet. They received adjudicator gold as well. Charlee achieved high silver in her solo and a group gold. Congratulations to all!

Percy and Paulette Heer received word of the passing of their son-in-law’s grandmother, Ruby Wideman, last week. The funeral held in the Evangelical Mission Church in Castor on Monday, April 11. Ruby was 99 years of age. Percy also received word of the passing of his cousin Melvina (Coultis) Callies of Wetaskiwin on Saturday morning. Funeral services will be held Thursday morning, April 14 at the United Church in Wetaskiwin. Melvina was 87 years young.

Good news in the family came at the same time with the birth of a baby girl, the second daughter of Pernel and Carla Van Straten, Percy’s nephew. She weighed a little over 6 pounds, cute as a button. The baby’s name is Emersyn Carrie May Van Straten (Carrie after a grandmother on Carla’s family and May after Pernel’s grandma Clara).