Bingo jackpot keeps growing

Congratulations to all the Bingo winners of last week. The jackpot still is growing, so on the evening of Aug. 19, someone might be lucky.

Congratulations to all the Bingo winners of last week. The jackpot still is growing, so on the evening of  Aug. 19, someone might be the lucky one taking it home with them. Who knows, if you come out that evening you could be the lucky person taking it home with you.Make sure you join in the fun that evening as the game starts at 7:15 p.m.

The Old-Time Dance club has just sent me a notice stating the first dance will be on Sunday, Sept. 27, starting at 1:30 p.m. with the “Old Tymes Aires” band entertaining the group that afternoon.

If you have any questions , concerns , or questions about upcoming events contact Doug Haustein at 403-742-3994 or John Blonski at 403-574-2197.

There was also a misprint on the announcement in last week’s column of Sara and Tyrell Carstairs’ new baby daughter Nora Ann Carstairs. Her sibblings are (Hadleigh and Karter /not Katie), so  sorry about that. A big congratulations goes out to all the family members on the arrival of Nora.

Going on to one more worker at the elevators was Tom Johnson. The Johnson family moved to Botha in 1920, where Tom worked as a agent at the Terminal Grain Co.

In January 1922, Tom got word that the Brook elevators were closing their doors, so the WL Friend building was remodeled and the Johnson’s started a Confectionery Store and Ice Cream Parlour.

In 1923, took over the Dray (wagon) line and Livery barn business while his wife opened the Cozy Cafe. Tom also had a barn behind the cafe where he kept a milk cow and some chickens.

The Cozy Cafe became a social meeting place where people came to hold card parties where each player was paying a nominal fee. Out of this was bought some small prizes and the rest of the money went to the Johnsons to pay for the coffee, extra electricity and coal. The Women’s Institute traveling library was also housed there. Tom and his wife were also involved with the work of the United Church, both serving on the board and in the Sunday School.Mrs. Johnson was also a member of the ladies group in the church. While Tom loved to curl, also which he particapated in weekly.

In their house and over the hardware they rented sleeping areas for travelers, but one day when he took a traveler up to the hardware sleeping area he discovered a fire which just started,  so they were lucky enough  they could extingished the fire quickly.

Tom passed away suddenly at the age of 68 years. Mrs. Johnson after his passing had some relatives stay with her, caring for her until her passing at the age of 69 years.

Another worker was Jack MacKay. John (Jack) MacKay was born in Beaverton,Ontario in 1873 and meet and married Lillian Fullard in 1910 in Bulyes, Sask and they homesteaded in Midnapore, Alberta. They moved to Botha in 1912. There they lived in the second house north of the curling rink.

John worked in the elevator business all the time they lived in Botha. First working as a first co-operative at the Botha Farmers Elevator Co, which was sold to the Alberta Wheat Pool in 1927. The Farmers bought the elevator just east of it and named it the Botha Farmers Grain Co., which John was a agent at. In 1935 it was renamed the  Midland Pacific Grain Co, as  change of name and ownership.

September 1940, John passed away leaving Lillian to move to Edmonton until her passing in 1964.

Sympathy goes out to Hellen Bailey family as of the passing of Helen Bailey, who passed away peacefully. Our prayers and thought are with you all at this time.