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Big Valley Historical Society launches fundraiser to paint the grain elevator

The Society is hoping to have the elevator painted in the middle of August

The grain elevator in Big Valley is going to be repainted.

Efforts to repaint the grain elevator have been discussed for a while by the Big Valley Historical Society.

The elevator will be painted the same colour it is currently, and working to get the paint is the biggest challenge, said Trudy Spence.

Funding and grants no longer meet the costs and more people are applying for available grants so the government has had to spread them out further, she explained.

Ultimately, what the Society has received is almost half of what they applied for to do the project.

Government grants are also subject to be matched, said Spence.

“If we get $20,000 we have to come up with $20,000 of our own money.”

Since the organization is a non-profit, the only funds that the Society takes in are donations from people who visit the museums, said Spence.

“We haven’t had as many people come to see the museum over the last two years as we normally would see because of COVID.”

Therefore, fundraisers have to be held in order to collect the money to match the grant, said Spence.

“As soon as we knew we received some grant money we had to start the fundraising so we would have the amount to match it in our funds.”

Meanwhile, the last time the elevator was repainted was 12 to 13 years ago, said Spence.

“It has been quite some time. There are a few pieces of wood that have to be replaced as well.”

Currently the group is looking for donations to go toward the project.

If people want to donate they can at the Boardwalk Bistro, ATB, McAlister Motors, All that Buzz, or by mailing it to the Big Valley Historical Society at Box 342, or they can give it to one of the members.

If the donation is over $20, a tax receipt will be issued and only cash or cheque are accepted, said Spence.

So far, the group has raised over $2,000 and a board will be done up at the side of the elevator which will display little cans of paint that represent donations and mark the progress of the fundraiser.

The Society is hoping to have the elevator painted in the middle of August.