Big Valley children’s Christmas party on Dec. 11

BIG VALLEY BULLETIN -- What a first-rate kickoff to this year's holiday season. Showcasing the talents our area's artists and craftspeople..

BIG VALLEY BULLETIN — What a first-rate kickoff to this year’s holiday season. Showcasing the talents our area’s artists and craftspeople, the 16th Annual Big Valley Christmas Show and Sale once again offered up a charming array of unique arts, crafts, gifts and services.

The goods presented encompassed an eclectic selection of handcrafted items such as knitting and crochet, attractive quilting, and unique wood crafts including home décor, scrollwork art, birdfeeders and bat houses. There were barn wood creations, Christmas wreaths and ornaments and items of local interest such as the Big Valley Artists’ calendar, community cookbooks, assorted history books and the wonderful prints and paintings of the area’s talented artists.

Delicious treats included the Royal Purple’s famous fruitcakes with cookies, tarts, candy, pies and home canning rounding out the selections. Business was brisk at the 4-H bake table and as usual the gingersnaps disappeared when your back was turned.

Big Valley once again demonstrated their great community spirit at the newly revived Library Pie Sale. Home baked donations loaded down the tables while the lineup to purchase pies began almost before the event’s doors opened.

This event was well attended, attracting folks interested in unique Christmas gifts, tasty treats, pleasant conversation and an afternoon out with friends.

Thank you to all the artists, crafts people and vendors who participated, to the customers who visited and purchased some beautiful items and to all the organizers and volunteers who helped to make this event such a big success.

Plans for the Big Valley Children’s Christmas Party scheduled for Sunday, Dec. 11 are well underway. Everyone is welcome to attend this popular annual event, though gifts are arranged only for children 10 and under. To pre-register call or text Brenda at 403-740-6552 or Catrina at 403-741-7320.

The Elks Annual Turkey Bingos take place in Rumsey on Wednesday, Dec. 7 and in Big Valley on Wednesday, Dec. 14. Start time 7:30 p.m. There will be turkeys for door prizes, gift certificates for all Bingos and Royal Purple cakes for ties.

Belated November birthday wishes go out to Seth Lucki – 6, Kim Brandon – 7, Jake Armstrong – 8, Mathew Melnyk – 12, Margaret Levesque – 13, Chad Mailer – 13, Florence Johnston – 16, Gail Knudson – 19, Jacey Annable (Melnyk) – 19, Caroline Pound – 23, Chantelle Jenke – 25, Mickey Sorell – 25, and Lorne Parkin – 26.

Happy anniversary to Craig and Lori Gordon – 7, Perry and Judy Titus – 14 and Chad and Melitta Sorenson – 24.