Big Valley Art Group hosts special art courses in June

Some of you may have noticed that the Historical Society’s new Tool Museum is not always open as yet.

BIG VALLEY BULLETIN — Some of you may have noticed that the Historical Society’s new Tool Museum is not always open as yet. Right now, the society has only one summer worker and she is usually down at the McAlister Motors Museum. When she is not swamped with visitors, she does take the time to take people down and show them the new museum as well. Starting towards the end of this month there will be another summer worker and that should help the Tool Museum be open more frequently. For now, if you would like to see the new museum, stop by McAlister Motors to check with whoever is available to give you’re a tour.

This week Big Valley welcomes train tourists arriving on Saturday, June 11 and Sunday June 12. Saturday’s train arrives at 4 p.m. and leaves at 6 p.m. and the Sunday train will arrive around 12:30 and leave around 2:30 p.m.

Both will be steam trains pulled by Engine 41. It is always such fun seeing it puff, puff, puff into Big Valley.

The Big Valley United Church will host a special service on Sunday, June 26 celebrating summer with homemade ice cream and games.

The Big Valley Art Group is hosting a few special courses this month. On Wednesday, June 8, Sandy Bingeman of Ponoka will be teaching a watercolour lesson on the sunflower. The following Wednesday, June 15, the group welcomes Andrea Hatch, president of visual arts of Stettler. For more information, call Rose at 587-799-0657 or 403-741-9800.

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