Autumn library programming around the corner

BIG VALLEY BULLETIN -- Once again summer has zipped by much too quickly. With the help of our summer student, Cordelle Rotvik...

BIG VALLEY BULLETIN — Once again summer has zipped by much too quickly. With the help of our summer student, Cordelle Rotvik, and our summer library page, Katherine Stillinger-Winegarden, the Big Valley Library was able to offer children’s programs and activities throughout the months of July and August. Summer programming came to a close on Thursday, Aug. 25 with the end of our very successful “Pinkest Little Carnival.” The Big Valley Library is looking forward to offering some exciting new programming this fall.

We must thank Cordelle and Katherine for all their hard work. We could not have done any of this without you. We will miss you, but we wish you luck in all your future endeavors. Thank you to the Big Valley Municipal Library Board, the Friends of the Big Valley Library Society and our dedicated volunteers for their continued support of our activities.

The tourist season is winding down for the year and as a consequence Big Valley’s museums are now mostly closed during the week, although you might see volunteers working on the antique cars from time to time or Rod Miller bringing down more tools to be catalogued. Feel free to stop in and have a look around whenever you see someone there. There is also a list (on the McAlister Museum window) of volunteers who will open up the museums for visitors during normal hours. Of course the museums are still open during all train times.

The next meeting of the Big Valley Historical Society will be on Tuesday, Sept. 20 at 7 p.m. in the Big Valley Train Museum. Everybody is welcome to attend.

September birthday greetings go out to Vivian Hulley – 1, Tom Sinclair – 2, Arline Grover – 3, Shane Nyuli – 3, Karen Hingst – 4, Judy Titus – 8, Edwin Johnson – 10, Trevor Kirtley – 14, Cassie Stewart – 14, Courtlyn Bardwell – 14, Beth Nyuli – 15, Stetson Daychief – 15, Larry Annable – 15, Kaiden Chapman – 16, Keith Campbell – 18, Joan Robinson – 19, Jessie Armstrong – 20, Darcy Greig – 23, Bennett Anderson – 26, Brent Bartley – 28, Zane Bartley – 29 and Brooke Skocdopole – 29.

Happy anniversary to Dale and Marilee Colp – 1, Brad and Kate Brenchley – 4, Dave and Mandi Lucki – 9, Lorne and Devony Fraser – 16, Brice and Shelley Burnstad – 17, Fransisco and Barb Laisnez – 20, Paul and Cheryl Elines – 21, Keith and Sheryl VanHaga – 23, Devon and Gail Boulding – 26, Kevin and Sandra Wittenburg – 27 and Chanse and Loralee Stefanik – 29.