Another great garden show raised spirits

Well, the Red Deer River Garden Show was a great success with the entries up by 80 submissions and a large crowd eager to walk through.

Well, the Red Deer River Garden Show was a great success with the entries up by 80 submissions and a large crowd eager to walk through and see the beautiful glads, dalias and all the other entries. It really was a sight to see. I was very impressed with how well everyone did considering the turbulent year we have had with drought, rain, hail, wind and more dry spells. I know my garden is in all stages of development and the threat of frost has knocked my garden gate a few times already.

The Garden Club members would like to thank all the volunteers who brought the show together; Sandy McNaughton and Starland County for the designing and printing of the show book and the Rumsey Ag Society for setting up the many tables and donation of prize money. There were 20 adults with 343 entries and seven Juniors with 28 entries in 2014; this year there were 19 adults with 428 entries and seven juniors with 47 entries. It is nice to see the Juniors are catching that gardening bug.

Most entries in the show was won by Lorne McArthur with 95 entries. The Gifts of the Garden donated by Trident Exploration was won by Jill Brodie and second place went to Mary Newton. The Adult Show Agggregate first place was won by Lorne McArthur with second going to Ken Jensen. The Baking Aggregate was won by Eleanor Richmond with second going to Mary Newton. Novice Glad Aggregate was won by Dianna McBride and the Begonia Aggregate won by Betty Pennock. The Junior Aggregate first went to Ashley McNaughton and second went to Mattie Jensen. The Baking Aggregate for ages six to 10 went to Cadynne Richmond and in the 11 to 15 category the Baking Aggregate went to Meah Richmond. There were many more winners and I would like to congratulate them all. Like I said before, it was a wonderful show once again, a big thank you to the Garden Club for all their efforts.

The Rumsey Community Calendar Photo contest was also held at the garden show with 64 photos entered. The public enjoyed the opportunity to pick their favorites so I have many, many judging sheets to go through before I can declare the winners. I hope to have the 2016 calendars available for the Fall Supper on the first Saturday in November. Thank you to all who entered and all who helped judge the pictures.

My thought for the week:

Happiness is like jam; you can’t spread even a little without getting some of it on yourself.

Have a great week.