A visit to Paragon Place

Clearview students enjoyed a long weekend this past week.

Mrs. Lang’s grade 1 students celebrate 100 days of school.

Mrs. Lang’s grade 1 students celebrate 100 days of school.

Pat Johnson


Clearview students enjoyed a long weekend this past week. With Family Day on Monday, followed by a Professional Development Day on Tuesday, it created a nice winter break for all Clearview students. Even though it was only a three-day week for the students, they enjoyed many special events when they returned to classes on Wednesday.

Mrs. du Toit’s kindergarten students walked to Paragon Place to visit their senior friends on Thursday, Feb. 19. The students decided that it would be a great “bucket-filling” activity. They also told their teacher that visiting the seniors is a win-win situation as the seniors get to enjoy a visit and listen to songs, while the students get a treat. The little ones did a great job singing: “You are My Sunshine”, “I Love You” and “If You’re Happy and You Know It.”

Although Valentine’s Day had passed, the students still enjoyed spending time making Valentine’s rainbow hearts with their senior friends. The room was filled with laughter and chatting. The activity tied in perfectly with SES’s Leader in Me program as the students synergized with their friends.

It is that time of year again when classes begin celebrating being in school for 100 days.

This past week, the Grade 1 students were busy celebrating the 100th day of school. In Mrs. Lang’s class, students were involved in special writing activities, math games, building projects, drawing, and fitness activities. All the lessons and activities focused on their 100th day of Grade 1.

Grade 2 students also celebrated 100 days of school by bringing 100 items to class. It made for some fun and interesting math activities. In addition to enjoying novel math activities, the students have been engaged in some cool experiments as they learn about “Hot and Cold Temperatures” in their science classes.

Mrs. Ecklund’s Grade 3 class made volcanoes this week as part of their ‘Rocks and Minerals” unit. The students watched in amazement as their volcanoes erupted. Learning can be so exciting.

Once again, SES is having its annual Used Book Swap and Sale beginning the week of Feb. 23. On Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 23 and 24, the students who bring in used books from home will be able to swap for new books. Starting Wednesday, Feb. 25, and continuing for the rest of the week students may buy books for 25 cents per book. Over 1000 books have been brought in. Thank you to everyone who has donated books.

NEW THIS YEAR: For the first time ever, the book sale will be open to the public on Wednesday, Feb. 25 and Thursday, Feb. 26 from 3:45-4:30 pm. All are welcome. Please enter through the SES front doors and follow the signs. Books are 25 cents each. All proceeds from this year’s Used Book Swap and Sale will go to support Kira Richardson and her family.

On Friday afternoon, all students and staff gathered in the gym for a monthly assembly. School-wide initiatives as well as individual achievements and celebrations are recognized during assemblies. In addition, during each assembly, there is always a 7 Habits presentation. February’s special presentation was a coordinated effort between all three SES Grade 5 classes, approximately 77 students. The Grade 5 presentation featured singers, line dancers, and clappers. It focused squarely on Habit 3: Put First Things First of The Leader in Me Program. The performance was extremely energizing and definitely fun to be a part of. Students spent many hours practicing on their own time and it all came together in just under two hours of school rehearsal time. To see the students keep up with the rhythm, lyrics, and line dancing steps was simply astonishing considering the short amount of group rehearsal time. It was a great time for everyone. There is little doubt that it will be a lasting experience for those participating and attending. The line dance steps and school lyrics were set to The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s rendition of Cadillac Ranch. This was certainly an upbeat way to end the assembly as well as the school week.