A sudden loss and lots of family visits

Our community is shocked and saddened with the sudden and untimely passing of Betty Hadwin.


Our community is shocked and saddened with the sudden and untimely passing of Betty Hadwin. Betty was air ambulanced to Edmonton on Saturday and passed away Sunday morning. Our sympathies to Frank and the family.

Betty was an avid member of the community serving on the Gadsby District Hobby Club board as well as the Heritage Society. She donated to the Omega Circle Bazaar and will be remembered for her signature laugh.

Grandma Velvet, daughter Haley, and granddaughter Cooper enjoyed last Saturday in Edmonton at Rexall Place where they attended “Walking with Dinosaurs”. At five years old, Cooper could correctly name all the dinos with their scientific names.

Bill and Joyce Hansel enjoyed an afternoon of playing cards when Gordie and Shirley Reynolds visited. Noted, the girls had a very good afternoon with the cards!

Last weekend Percy and Paulette Heer enjoyed a lunch visit with friends from B.C. Gordon and Barb Hoover from Castlegar.

This weekend saw Inez and Doug Baldwin spending a last of the year camping weekend at the Heers’. They also visited Iona Berg at Heart Haven. Other friends there were away, so will have to try again in the spring.

Get well wishes to Phyllis Robinson who is in Stettler Hospital.

Jack and Melanie Ross, James and Emilie were host to an early Thanksgiving celebration on Sunday. Joining them were Melanie’s mom Doreen Reynolds, sister Jody and Keith Stewart.

Several from the Gadsby community attended the presentation of the” Lutheran Pioneers” written by Alfred Erichson. A beef on a bun dinner followed services and book presentation.

This book outlines the history of the surrounding Lutheran Churches, their birth and history. This includes Botha, Linda Hall, Red Willow, to name a few and of course, Stettler St. Peter’s Lutheran Church.

Happy birthday to Kyle Bigney whose Birthday was Monday. Kyle will be celebrating with his family on Thanksgiving weekend!

The next monthly bingo at the Bank Building is tentatively set for Oct. 18. More details to follow.

And mark Oct. 25 for the annual Omega Circle bazaar. If you are planning on donating to the Pail Prizes, please notify myself, Paulette at 403 574 2442. All donations gratefully appreciated.