2015 SES Science Fair will be best ever

Stettler Elementary School offers our most sincere congratulations to Mrs. Kate Syson and her family

Pat Johnson

Stettler Elementary School News

Stettler Elementary School offers our most sincere congratulations to Mrs. Kate Syson and her family as seven-pound one-ounce healthy baby Holly arrived on Thursday, Jan. 15. We wish her a wonderful maternity leave with her new precious bundle of joy. We will miss her at the school, but we are very pleased to welcome Mrs. Pat Johnson back to the school. Mrs. Johnson has agreed to return to her role as vice-principal while Mrs. Syson is on leave. We are excited about all that 2015 will bring to the school.

Our grade 4 and 5 students are also very excited to start playing the recorder. The Grade 4s will learn the notes, B, A, and G.

Meanwhile, the Grade 5 students will get to participate in “Recorder Karate,” where they practice songs of increasing difficulty. They will be awarded a coloured belt when they pass each level.

Our recorder unit will culminate with performances at the Stettler Music Festival in April.

As a class, Mrs. du Toit’s students decided to practice being Bucket Fillers. To celebrate their successes, they enjoyed creating designs in the snow for a special reward.

The Stettler Elementary School 2015 Science Fair is scheduled for Friday, March 27, 2015. Teachers held the first official meeting with their Grade 5 students this past week and the interest level was simply amazing. With the support of parents and our community, we are hoping to make this the best SES Science Fair ever.

We would like to thank the parents and community members who have donated money towards the purchase of prizes for our students.

We are planning to use the donated prizes to make this a fun and exciting way to reward the hard work, energy, and expenses that go into these outstanding projects.

This year’s Science Fair will be a local event only. Members of our local media team and the public will be invited to attend. The event will take place in the school’s gymnasium.

We are hoping that the community support we receive will to help make this year’s 2015 SES Science Fair a great one!