Drumheller - Stettler MLA Rick Strankman. (File Photo)

In Alberta, we’ve witnessed the heavy-handed approach of government, says Drumheller – Stettler MLA

‘We must demand more liberty from the people who govern us’: MLA Strankman

By Rick Strankman MLA,

Drumheller – Stettler

E = mc2

German-born theoretical physicist and Nobel Prize winner Albert Einstein was responsible for the theory of relativity (E=mc²). This along with quantum mechanics is considered one of the two pillars of modern physics.

Einstein left us with more than his innovative approach to science; he also left us with many inspirational quotes. One of these most notable was: “Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labour in freedom.”

Einstein witnessed first-hand how restrictive life without basic freedoms, could be, and was forced to flee his German homeland in 1933. He understood from personal experience how the encumbrances, be they government or regulatory, stifled creative energy. His words are not just a statement about freedom; they encompass a larger meaning, the freedom of inspiration that drives innovation.

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In Alberta, we’ve witnessed the heavy-handed approach of government that fosters an ideology that closes its mind to the ideas that grow from the inspiration of freedom and creativity. In the past, Albertans have shown a self-driven ability to innovate and create if given the ability to act and think freely.

In the near future, Albertans will have the task of choosing who and how this province will be governed. A look back on the road we’ve travelled is essential to understanding many of the issues that are negatively affecting our current social and fiscal situations.

So where do we start? If you feel, in Alberta we have less control over the basic elements that contribute to the freedoms that allow us to be innovative and creative, we must demand more liberty from the people who govern us. The goal of having the independence to allow inspiration to develop organically must be a part of the electoral decisions we make.

Our goal as stewards of the province should include making the most informed decision when choosing the leadership that will accommodate the freedom that inspires Albertans. Einstein expressed his understanding of what it takes to foster the innovation that comes with freedom.

In recent years, the ability to unleash your creativity and innovative spirit has been stifled by successive governmental mishandling, that has resulted in government-imposed hardship on Albertans. Seeing beyond the old and tired ideology of branded partisan politics should take precedence over policies that put ideology before the welfare of Albertans.

Einstein achieved his own emancipation leaving his troubled German homeland for the freedom of the United States of America. That emancipation motivated and allowed him to create some of his most important work, that to this day still benefits mankind. You could say his Emancipation = Motivated Creativeness², E=mc2.

Einstein was onto something that we all can experience by choosing representation that simply allows his other E=mc2 formula. That will inspire some really great things. Albertans have charted innovative courses and physically proven leadership skills in the past.

During the next election cycle in Alberta, it is their utmost responsibility to achieve the freedom that Einstein so eloquently noted. The options for Albertans will be varied and their future will be directed by their actions.

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