Will Verboven

Ranching and Coal Mining in the Elk Valley

A visit to the Elk Valley area between Sparwood and Fernie, BC noted some changes since your humble writer first arrived there in 1970.

Trade agreement discussions sound familiar

It wasn’t long ago that the ag industry was engulfed in much consternation about the Canada-European Union Free Trade Agreement

Orange crush causes apprehension in ag industry

It’s not just the Alberta energy industry that is feeling some consternation from the recent NDP election victory

Vancouver harbour needs to get its act together …. grain shippers and handlers need consequences

The recent fuel spill in Vancouver harbour showed once again how woefully unprepared BC is...

Idle grain ship problem never seems to end

At times there can be up to 20 ships waiting mainly for grains and oilseeds.

Wheat Board is history ……. time to leave it alone

Majority ownership of the Canadian Wheat Board had been sold to a partnership composed of Bunge and a Saudi agricultural investment fund.

Not much meat in PC and Wildrose ag policies …….. but there are some suggestions they should consider

One would expect that unlike the smaller political parties the two main dogs in the election would have robust agriculture policy platforms.

Will agriculture be ignored again in the coming election (part one)

By the time this column is published a provincial election in Alberta may already be underway.

Agriculture department faces cutbacks

It doesn’t seem like much in the overall budget picture but for a small department even a little cutback can hurt significantly.

Calgary mayor attacks cattle industry

It must have been too quiet for Mayor Nenshi of Calgary after being declared the “Best Mayor in the World”

City promotes congestion and exasperation

Be thankful you live outside the urban madness

Ulterior motives seem to be coming forward

There is an old saying that if you look for something long enough – the odds are you will find it

No surprise with latest BSE case

There is an old saying that if you look for something long enough – the odds are you will find it - especially if its waiting

Leaseholder meeting proves informative

One never ceases to be amazed at what comes out at ag organization meetings, particularly from the lesser known groups.

Ag labour has its challenges

Over the past year there have been seminars and workshops all deliberating on the agricultural labour shortage.

Organic industry has a new development

Like most agricultural sectors the organic industry has its annual conventions and general meetings.

Ag leadership turnover can be difficult

The agriculture industry is famous for being one of the most highly politicized sectors of the economy.

The joy of global warming

Whilst enjoying possibly the warmest January on record for much of Alberta one ponders what’s so bad about global warming.

Low oil prices mostly bad for rural Alberta

Consumers including those involved in crop production agriculture are welcoming lower energy prices

New cattle checkoff seems like back to the future

Non-refundable levy needs to benefit more stakeholders