Will Verboven

Starting up ain’t easy . . . realistic message needs to be told

One notes that Alberta Agriculture is holding seminars about how to get into farming.

Can Alberta dairy and poultry production expand?

The Canadian government has signed on to a new trade deal and as expected the federal government are predicting vast new markets.

Caribou recovery involves conflicting perspectives

Game farming may be the only answer. When Canadians think about caribou at all, they envision the vast herds of countless thousands that...

Coyote study gets even more of your money

Back in 2006 I wrote a column about a scientific study being done by a University of Calgary professor.

We need a luxury tax…on designer/lifestyle foods

Most consumers are vaguely aware that in North America we enjoy the cheapest most abundant food supply in the world.

Albertans needs a New National Anthem

Quick - do you know the words to the official provincial song of Alberta?

Pipeline right-of-ways would make excellent trails

In the previous column I stated that abandoned railway lines make excellent trails - they can be changed over without a lot effort.

Trail development could use a boost in rural areas

Some readers might recall back in 1992 a federal government entity called the Trans Canada Trail (TCT) was created.

Not much for agriculture in federal election yet

The federal election is only a few weeks old and promises are being pronounced by every political party.

Ag income support rumblings nothing new …… but there is a program that works

Two perennial issues that are never-ending concerns with agricultural producers are the weather and safety net income support programs.

Wheat Board finally disappears

After a long drawn-out process, the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) is finally part of prairie history.

Canada has a stake in California droughts

It's a long shot but maybe Canada should revisit the concept of exporting water to parched areas of the USA.

Farmworkers getting their rights … industry needs to adjust

There was some inevitability to the recent government decision to move forward on Alberta Farmworkers Rights.

Legendary sheep flock continues BC alpine grazing tradition

There was a time when large bands of sheep grazed the high alpine ranges in BC’s Okanagan and North Thompson regions.

Impact study says it all ……. Now we need some action!

Whenever one hears about another ag industry study being released one tends to approach it with some cynicism.

New terminal will help grain shipping…… ….. but other shortcomings remain

A recent announcement by a new player in the grain business has received positive response from industry stakeholders.

Is diversification back to the future again?

For those of us long in the tooth seeing old issues and schemes coming back is part of the march of time.

Is coal getting a bad rap?

One is amazed what comes to light with research on controversial issues of the day.

Boycotts don’t usually work

...... but it's a calculated move on both sides, as seen with anti-oilsands and anti-Alberta lobby groups in BC.

Dandelion invasion continues to spread

...eating or drinking them might be the answer to the dandelion problem.