Will Verboven

Is ALMA’s future in danger

The recent announcement by the Alberta government that they will be reviewing hundreds of agencies, commissions and committees...

Livestock transport needs to take next step … otherwise government will do it for the industry

Depending on the season, millions of head of livestock and poultry are riding on liners and trailers across North America every day.

BC agriculture has dilemmas . . . Alberta may be affected in different ways

It never ceases to amaze one how BC has such conflicting perspectives on issues of the day.

Ideology thwarts jobs in the countryside

Most readers would agree the crash in oil prices cannot be blamed on any particular government – it's just the reality of a merciless...

Ontario beef gets jump on Alberta Beef . . . the gloves are now off

There was a time when there was only one premium beef brand in Canada (OK, the world) and that was Alberta Beef.

Dairy prices fairly stable . . . thanks to supply management

Many consumers have become painfully aware over the recent increase in food prices – particularly in fresh vegetables and fruit.

Waste processing needs a boost

The disposal of waste products from our modern society never seems to get much attention until some calamity occurs.

Olive oil scam sounds familiar

A visit to Arizona saw your columnist learning about the intricacies of growing and processing olives into oil...

Butter shortage may be due to advertising success

Consumers in some parts of the country were recently confronted with warning signs that there may be a butter shortage.

New Year doesn‘t look hopeful

As the New Year is upon us one looks ahead with the hope that those elements that affect our lives will be the same or better.

COOL is vanquished but unintended consequences may happen

Your humble writer is prepared to eat crow on the repeal of the US Country of Origin Labelling (COOL) bill.

Grizzlies are at home on the range

Most folks see bears as denizens of forests and mountains.

Grizzlies are returning to the prairies … helped along by preservation group agendas

Your humble columnist is not a fan of bears and is particularly annoyed when taxpayer money is spent on preserving them and their habitat.

Irrigation policy seems baffling . . . but it’s government squandering at its best

Its not about Alberta's irrigation policy, that seems perfectly reasonable compared to the politically-charged, hidden agendas of the US's.

Do you know where your spinach comes from?

A recent trip south of the border found your valiant writer near Crystal City, Texas – the self-proclaimed Spinach Capital of the World.

Farmworker rights go ahead

The agriculture primary production sector has managed to keep farmworker rights off the table since 1948.

Meat will kill you … according to scientists

It sounds familiar - a panel of scientists from the World Health Organization have decided that meat increases the risk of cancer.

Diversification needs imagination and real commitment

Alberta Premier Notley recently announced the creation of the "Premier's Advisory Committee on the Economy."

Are you ready for disaster?

Recent news has highlighted some severe weather disasters, and we feel fortunate few such events affect this part of the country.

Election may change trade enthusiasm

The Liberal Party election victory has most sectors of the economy wondering how activity will be affected by new government policy.