Will Verboven

Ag policies seem sparse with United States presidential candidates

My previous column highlighted the lack of any specific agriculture policies from the two main American Presidential candidates.

Real ag policies seem sparse with American presidential candidates

It comes as no surprise that neither of the main candidates in the American presidential campaign have a coherent agriculture policy.

Railways are ready…is everyone else?

Two years ago in the midst of the grain transportation crisis some railway company officials stated that no one had warned them...

Vancouver now wants to save bees

After taking on the task of saving the world from Alberta’s evil oil sands, Vancouver city councillors are now into a crusade to save bees.

Shearing event has 20th anniversary

The recent Calgary Stampede featured the 20th anniversary of the North American Sheep Shearing Challenge.

Politics stall trade agreements

Trade policy is never an exact science being it is affected by the politics of the day.

Weeds in the mountains

The scenery is stunning and the waterfalls are magnificent in the Yoho Valley located in the national park of the same name.

Diversified agriculture continues to impress

In addition to the facilities visited by the Alberta Farm Writers' Association tour, two other operations were visited.

Lethbridge is centre of ag industry diversity

A tour hosted by the Alberta Farm Writers Association revealed the sheer diversity of agricultural production and processing...

Tofino, a delightful destination

A recent trip to Vancouver Island found your writer savouring the delights of the Tofino BC area.

Alberta hog production faces uncertain future

This province has the necessary pillars for a thriving and expanding hog industry – plentiful farm land, water, feed, entrepreneurs...

Agri-stability devolves into agri-exasperation

In Canada's agriculture one of the never-ending issues that perplexes the industry revolves around risk management programs for producers.

Further to previous stories . . . sometimes mirrors, sometimes smoke

Readers are usually aware that changing events can quickly turn around a developing story.

There is more to the Earl’s story

Most readers will have heard about the Earl's Restaurants decision to buy their beef supplies from an American company.

New crop opportunities

Previously this writer has noted new crop opportunities that should be pursued with more vigour.

Ugly food sales on the rise

It's not a sight you see yet in modern day city grocery stores, but it will soon be as marketers see profit in what until recently....

US election will affect ag exports…the real impact will depend on which party wins

One of the side effects of national American elections is its potential impact on Canada, and depending on the outcome could be good or bad.

A tale of two towns

A recent trip to Edson and Rimbey provided a stark contrast of how development, or lack thereof, has affected the downtowns...

GM labelling moves forward . . . but when it’s finally done no one will care

In the past, your humble columnist suggested that government/industry/retailers just get on with labelling food products containing GMO.

It’s ok to eat regular eggs . . . taste test finds little difference

A recent CBC consumer TV show took a free-range approach to examining the different variety of eggs available to consumers.