Will Verboven

Livestock next drone target … riding the range may be history (Part 1)

Using drones in high tech commercial crop production started about 10 years ago and has been growing every year.

Yoga Goats – a new revenue scheme

If a recent article in the Calgary Herald is to be believed, goat yoga is taking North America by storm.

Spring is looking tough in many areas … hope and luck will be needed

Crop producers are used to the trials and tribulations of fickle spring weather, but this year their fortitude will indeed be tested.

Wildrose keeps property rights issue alive

Bill 204 was introduced to address the worst aspects of the property rights legislation that was passed by the previous PC government.

Crop research agency under the gun

Rumours are swirling that another government research agency may be terminated by the NDP government.

Supply management is in the news again … but it’s really about pizza cheese

How a new pizza cheese ingredient influenced Donald Trump's trade agenda.

Conservation projects approved . . . looks like lobbying overcomes cutbacks

Why is the Alberta government spending money on conservation programs when the agriculture sector is in need of funding?

Landowners need to be very cautious . . . with wind and solar lease promises

Windmill and solar farm projects are back in the news as the NDP government marches on with its plan to save the world.

Donation will make a real impact … maybe it will lead to more ag education rationalization

A donation of $16 million to Olds College will establish an institute dedicated to smart and sustainable agriculture and business solutions.

There was a better way to resolve farmworker rights … but government missed the boat (Part 2)

There are times with the trials and tribulations of government decisions when one wonders, what were they thinking!

Farmworker labour legislation on track … consultations were just a political distraction

The farmworkers' rights issue and Bill 6 ramifications have been lying low for months.

New park threatens grazing leases and permits . . . the only hope is time

An announcement by the Notley government establishing a new provincial park west of Pincher Creek has a familiar pattern.

Wheat on usual rollercoaster … rail transportation not keeping up

One of the most volatile crops in the world must be wheat – it can go from surplus to causing food riots in a year.

B.C. anti-oilsand follies … at least it keeps lawyers busy

A recent lawsuit launched by green lobby groups highlights what absurd lengths professional zealots go to keep themselves busy.

History repeats itself … another lamb producers co-op goes down

It will probably sound familiar, but another producer-controlled lamb marketing co-op has gone into bankruptcy proceedings.

Recovery plan makes sense . . . government needs to remain steadfast

The Alberta government has released the Boreal Woodland Caribou Range Management Plan to outline their plan for the recovery of the species.

Get ready for new food scam

If you have become skeptical or even cynical about the proliferation of food labels, there's more to come. How about 'honest food?'

Oil sands publicity stunts … it’s just business

Much has been written about the latest flyby smear of the oil sands by another self-serving Hollywood celebrity.

One thing for sure, less representation for rural areas and small towns

You can be forgiven for not reading the latest government news announcement about the appointment of another commission to...

Green hypocrisy reaches new absurdity

Whenever it comes to light, the hypocrisy of some environmental-related government decisions is mind boggling. Even worse is when green...