Tom MacDougall

Albertans’ love of trucks too strong to give them up

Pie in sky ideas often make for the best dreams. And boy, does Alberta have a doozy of a dream: a high speed rail link between Edmonton and Calgary.

Will Internet change our indifference?

Politics in Alberta exist in a swampy backwater. They are stagnant, and the green around the edges is not the sign of new growth, but of the algae gradually choking the life out of the political process.

MLA’s tourism push with mushrooms and bikinis

Sometimes, as you troll through newspapers looking for something to tweak your fancy, you stumble onto an article asinine enough to make you say aloud “How stupid is that?”
Judge for yourself.

Weibo Ludwig is a man with a special mission

Give him a red suit with fur fringe, a stub of a pipe and a sack and one of Alberta’s most infamous environmental radicals could pass for Santa Claus. Or someone’s kindly grandfather. Which he is (the grandfather part, for sure; the kindly part depends on who you talk to).

Future of small-town curling looks bleak

Given the profile of curling in recent years – no bones about it, Kevin Martin, Randy Ferbey, Sandra Schmirler and Jennifer Jones have been good for the sport – it might come as a surprise that the sport is threatened in its heartland.

A few questions to education minister

George here. You remember me and my wife, Martha, don’t you? Your buddy Ralph used to talk about us all the time.

This year’s wish list from Santa is quite modest

Well, I guess it’s that time of year again, when kids wonder which list they’re on and the shopping malls turn into WWE ring replete with flying elbows, knee blocks and the occasional sucker punch.

Health care needs much more than a Band-Aid solution

Six thousand, five hundred – the difference in the total number of hospital beds available in Alberta for the two decades between 1989 and 2009.

Changing circumstances of Remembrance Day

The simple act of remembering gets harder every year.
Only one Canadian veteran of the First World War, John Babcock, now 109-years-old and living in the United States, survives. Each day another Second World War veteran dies.

Slippery road apples

So Alberta’s august premier wants us all to tighten our belts a little more.

Reducing energy consumption at household level does help

lectricity – just the word itself charges emotions in Alberta right now, and small wonder.
Nuclear reactors in the Peace country, massive transmission lines in central Alberta, legislation taking power line approvals out of the public process – each on its own would be controversial enough, but in this province, they’ve become a triple threat.

OK Ed, you got some ‘splainin’ to do

The economic outlook for the immediate future stinks so bad you and your other 69 blue shirts put on a hiring freeze for the civil service. Unless deemed essential, positions are remaining unfilled in an effort to reduce costs.

Story of a steadfast town

Sometimes when you’re the youngest, everything is handed to you because the…

Are only the doctors in danger?

Just when you think summer in Alberta has left nothing to write…