Shawn Acheson

How things are . . .

At some point in our lives we’ve all been pretty sure we knew exactly how life worked.

The value of a relationship

Once I was told that people would be fortunate to find two or three genuine, close and reciprocal friendships over the course of a lifetime.

Happy Legacy Day! Thanks Mom

Learning to love – or change – your legacy as you reflect on the importance of family.

The ‘either-or’ of dishwashers and life

Sometimes the "either-or" mindset isn't as logical as we think it is.

People are the same everywhere, yet not so much

How much do we really see when we visit other cultures? How much do we really see about ourselves?

You can only drive one car at a time

It’s a frustrating way to live; you don’t ever get anywhere fast or far, and you often feel unproductive.

What’s your sign?

Everybody has their own sign on display. What does yours say?

Gravity and other absurdities

Long before Sir Isaac Newton identified, understood and wrote out the laws of gravity and motion, people were still subject to them.

‘Pobody’s Nerfect’ and other slogans that brought a new sophstication to my sense of humour

“I thought I was wrong once … but I was mistaken,” and other classic one liners from my childhood in the 70s still make me smile.

Real dreams really can come true

Most of us are a little confused in the dream department. We mostly have non-dreams but think of them as though they’re achievable.

I’ve got places to go

I am a bit of a “car guy,” it’s not a serious affliction, but more of an admiration for the extreme and elite type vehicles that we pass by.

Pure madness – is there any value in anger?

We have all been frustrated, agitated, ticked, incensed, furious, upset, enraged, irate or just plain mad.

Dream-land: never expect anything from anyone

I’m a bit of a dreamer, an idealist even, I always have been and that’s probably why the state of the world bothers me so much.

Flea Circus – Faith Surplus

FAITH & REFLECTION -- Consider this familiar story: fleas are incredible jumpers. In fact, a flea can jump over 150 times its...

Have you ever wondered if God has forgotten you?

FAITH & REFLECTION -- We live in a world where information, news reports and the latest gossip is all "instant access," available at...

Don’t believe everything you think

Most of us probably have the same reaction when we come across good and wise advice.