Rick Strankman

Seen here is the fire that started just north of Rick Strankman’s farm.

Volunteers with a capital ‘V’

A recent fire near MLA Rick Strankman's farm highlighted the need for emergency preparedness and the importance of volunteers.

Seen here is the fire that started just north of Rick Strankman’s farm.

Avoidable collapse

How to avoid a catastrophic political collapse within the conservative movement.

You are the grassroots

The input of Albertans is critical to the choices that they will have at the ballot box.

Making it work

Adversity is just part of life when you’re miles from anywhere and a bump or a boulder lie in the road ahead.

The spirit of Alberta

Opportunity, generosity and selflessness are all the qualities that have created the Alberta spirit.

Securing our own mask first

Becoming an additional victim in an emergency will instantly take a person from being an asset to a liability in the outcome.

The property rights of a grain grain grower

I was over 40 before I fully realized that the term property rights applies to much more than farmland and real estate.

Signing the front of a pay cheque

Anyone who's ever run a business understands that it takes a careful eye for detail to be successful. Part of any business's ...

Municipal politics not my jurisdiction

In a recent article in the Independent, it was reported that members of Stettler' s municipal council "expressed a mixture of frustration...

Pizzas on a government credit card

This past week, two members of the Notley government made public statements about spending and debt.

Responsible government is a premier’s choice

The economy changes. Employment changes. Nowadays, the average person holds 10 jobs prior to the age of forty.

A stunt a day will keep capitalism away

Winston Churchill said democracy is the worst form of government—except for all the others.

Other people’s money

Former British PM Margaret Thatcher was quoted saying "the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money."

Cronyism or fair-minded democracy‏?

Occasionally, voters will ask if they'll be treated fairly if the MLA they elect is not part of the governing party. It's a fair question.

Loyalty and integrity

As an MLA, I am privileged...with the very special honour of attending and participating in the high school graduations that take place...

The definition of political entitlement

Last week Alberta taxpayers learned that while the Alberta government had been publicly boasting about its new “rigorous” policy of...

Bringing back the Alberta advantage

Not long ago, Alberta was the envy of the nation. Our provincial government respected taxpayers and showed it by balancing the budget.

AltaLink sale and its repercussions for Albertans

The pending sale of AltaLink to U.S. owned Berkshire Hathaway has become of great concern to many of the constituents

Listening and comprehension

Alberta’s long-awaited spring appears to finally have arrived and like many of you, not a moment too soon for me.

What’s that in your hand?

Anyone that has raised children at some point has run into the “hand in the cookie jar” situation.