Rick Strankman MLA

Conservatives, strong and free

When I got involved in the Wildrose Party, I wanted to provide strong conservative leadership to put pressure on the PC government.

If ever there were a time for encouraging jobs and growth, it is now

Alberta’s Legislature reconvened for the spring session with the Throne Speech on Thursday, March 2.

Property and freedom: part six in a six-part series on property rights

A key message in the publication, "Property and Freedom" is that poverty is not a mystery.

Property and freedom – part five in a six-part series on property rights

Many people know that in addition to being the MLA for Drumheller-Stettler, I am the Shadow Critic for Property Rights . . .

Property shapes behaviour:surface rights

As the Property Rights Critic in the Alberta legislature, it is also my task to keep an eye on surface rights issues.

Property shapes behaviour

As the Property Rights critic in the legislature, I was recently given the opportunity to look at a soon-to-be-released publication...

A beacon of peace

The Christmas holiday season brings family and friends together. It helps us appreciate the love and support we have in our lives that...

Being Albertan

Anyone that has lived or traveled to Alberta realizes that the residents of this province are as resilient and unique as any...

Another form of heroism

Each year in Canada, citizens gather to remember those that laid their lives on the line for our freedom. Some of those people paid the...

An extraordinary gentleman

On Nov. 11, Canadians from coast to coast will come together to pay homage and give thanks to some of the most courageous and brave...

Development versus activity

As your MLA, I have to confess that the thinking process that brought me to a better understanding of the difference between economic...

Dome Disease and the Alberta-NDP disconnect

Say what you will about his politics, the late Premier Ralph Klein truly was a man of the people.

You can’t force ingenuity

The ingenuity of Albertans has always been one of the most valuable assets in the building of the province.

A Canada strong and free

Canadian pioneers faced the near impossible task of building homes and communities from the ground up with little more than basic tools.