Rhonda Gillrie

‘Surround yourself with the dreamers and the believers’

This week on social media I shared a quote by Edmund S. Lee, where he says we need to surround ourselves with the dreamers and believers.

The importance of performing arts

In our busy lives we can often miss prime opportunities for the development of our children.

Bayer, Monsanto and what do we eat?

Farmers have been going through a difficult harvest season, mainly because of an unusually moist and cool end of summer.

Thoughts on a new school year

It was widely reported recently that US city of Pittsburgh has now allowed driverless cabs to operate within its boundaries.

How clean was Rio 2016?

Would Pierre de Coubertine, recognized as the father of modern Olympics, be proud or ashamed of the Rio 2016?

Nice and Turkey, how much do we really know?

How much truth is there to the widely used quote “Perception is everything”?

Donalda implements tax incentives to secure growth

The Village of Donalda has decided to put tax incentives in place for an indefinite period in order to induce growth in the community.

What the mail and bread have in common

OECD and FAO of the UN have been two of the most globally authoritative structures keeping an eye on how things are developing.

Brexit vote and what it means for EU and UK

British voters decided to part ways with European Union, and in doing so, unwittingly triggered a global financial meltdown.

Grads facing an uncertain world

We are marking the end of another school year and we have just celebrated the graduation of the class of 2016 over the weekend.

Will anything good come out of ‘Elbowgate’?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's "manhandling" of one opposition MP and allegedly elbowing another woman MP has been widely discussed.

How to change Canada’s election system

The federal government under leadership of Justin Trudeau has been losing little time in trying to deliver the Liberals' election promises.

Is a consensus possible?

We are into the second week of the spring session of the Legislature and there are signs that it will be a somewhat acrimonious and ...

Alberta’s economic woes and its most important asset

Two of the world's most prestigious credit rating agencies recently announced they have changed their assessment of Alberta's economy.

Land leases and another controversy brewing

It looks like we may be heading into another major controversy involving the agricultural establishment...

Should Legislature discuss economy?

Economy is the worry of the day, and at every possible level, from provincial to global scale.

Hope for the best, plan for the worst

If one is to believe in the mantra that the beginning of a new year shapes its progress throughout, we are in for a terrible year.

What’s in store in 2016?

We are preparing to turn yet another leaf to welcome a new year. Wise men say that to see the future, one has to look at the past.

Science may have a say in the Bill 6 dispute

The way tempers have flared among the farming communities and the refusal of the NDP government to back down on the matter of Bill 6...

How will Notley sail the boat?

It is wise to see and admit a mistake and try to correct it, but sometimes the mistakes inflict much too damage.