Paulette Heer

A lot of success at the Music Festival this finally spring? The crows are back, the geese are here and yes, it’s even great to see the gophers...who knew?

“A week in the sun” missed by all

I would like to start my column today by welcoming back our editor-in-chief, Mustafa!

Despite cold, bingo remains popular

Cold but clear weather on Saturday saw 25 people out for cash bingo at the bank building.


Glorious summer, green grass, suntans and mosquitoes! Hey, nothing’s perfect.


James Shepherd, working for the Ross Knight chuckwagon outfit, was among the crews that had to evacuate High River.

Seniors treated on their special week

It was a nice weekend for travel and camping. Frank and Betty Hadwin enjoyed the weekend when campers pulled in.

Multi-family garage sale set for Saturday

Who has seen the sun? Now that we’ve had our million-dollar rain, let’s have summer!

Big Knife members make the 4-H cut

Everyone enjoyed the million-dollar rain this week! Of course, the farmers want it to stop for a few days to finish seeding.

Families gather on road for Mother’s Day dinner

The dry winds have caused new concerns in the countryside. A total fire ban is in effect for the County of Stettler.

Multi-community garage sales prove popular, with one hiccup

We seem to have jumped from winter to summer, with temperatures reaching plus-25 Sunday and Monday.

Gadsby goes to bat for new ball season

Some events are winding down to ready for summer, while others are just beginning.

Heartland Belles’ performances ‘a special time for many’

Word has it there is a contract out on the Groundhog!

Gadsby steps up for baseball, needing executives to fill plate

Baseball is on the minds of the Gadsby Ball Association.

Young folks enjoy playing with calves on Easter visit

Another two inches of snow tells me winter doesn’t want to go away quietly.

Easter gatherings prove popular

Easter is a time to celebrate with family and friends. And the weather was excellent this past week.

Gadsby dancers in step at Coronation music fest

Spring storms Wednesday and Thursday found people stuck in snow banks, some even stranded overnight in ditches.

Weather not suitable for calving season

Many farmers are in the throes of newborn calves and the weather is not co-operating with the busy time of year.

Birthdays, anniversaries take cake

Best wishes to Rosalind and Steve LaRose, who celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on Sunday.

Big Knife club delivers speeches, presentations

Thankfully, Sunday’s storm was one of the shortest on record for our area.

Surprise party for Van Stratens

Several residents have returned from warmer climates.