Paulette Heer

Never hard to find news to report in the summertime

Bill and Joyce Hansel were among the friends and family that met at Debbie and Dwayne Sutton's to celebrate Bernard Garland's 80th birthday.

Hobby club shuts down, ends with huge sale

It's holiday time, people coming and going. Hopefully all arrive at their destination safely.

Fiftieth wedding anniversary packs hall

Several celebrations marked the weekend this week.

Unusually heavy traffic in Gadbsy

Milder temperatures and bountiful rain Friday have increased hope for the future of crops, hayfields and gardens.

Crib tournament next week

"A million dollar rain" is what Sunday and Monday's rain was said to be, with up to two inches reported in places.

News of a nice vacation

With temperatures from plus 30 to only 2 above (over night Sunday) is it any wonder we don't know what season we're in?

Some nice graduation memories made

Despite the plus 30 temperatures, people were on the go. Vic and Barb Carey were in Calgary on the weekend.

Busy Father’s Day weekend for many

Parts of the county remain dry and arid while others have been getting moisture, sometimes just half a mile apart.

Coordinating Class of 65 reunion took a day and a night to get a tenth of rain. All in all, we have had less than an inch these past ten days.

Some interest expressed in Hobby Club

In a rainy year the grass chokes out the dandelion; in a dry year the dandelion chokes out the grass. Guess which one we are in.

Be at the Bank Building today

The rains are spotty, some getting up to six tenths while others none. But everyone gets the wind

A week marked by birthdays and funerals

A busy week with many activities to keep everyone busy; also a very dry week with no hope of rain in the forecast.

Everyone invited to hobby club general meeting

The first long weekend, camping plus started out cloudy and overcast. No rain in sight.

Lots of memories created on Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is a special time to thank all the special women in our lives.  This was accomplished in many homes on Sunday.

News of a marriage and a new baby

A beautiful green day for a drive on Sunday with  the leaves are appearing on all the trees.

Heritage Society meets this week

I would be remiss not to mention the eight inches of snow that fell on Saturday. There, I've mentioned it.

New executive at Omega Circle

Did everyone survive that freightful wind Friday/Saturday?

Late Easter celebrations brought families together

Congratulations to Gadsby student Mark Stenberg who received his first year Bachelor of Arts award, Camrose Augustana Campus of U of A.

Lots of Easter visits

Despite the "three snows on the crows back" and a brutal wind storm, Easter weekend proved to be a good time to travel and get together.

Canada Post needs to act on mail concerns

The Village of Gadsby council has a dilemma: Concerns have been coming in regarding the safety of getting the mail at the super boxes.