Paulette Heer

Mild winter enjoyed by many

Mark your calendars for Feb. 12 for a Family Valentines Dance at the Gadsby Hall. Everyone welcome.

Birthdays and anniversaries marked last week

GADSBY/WESTWOODS -- As I write this Monday morning, only 11 more months til Christmas!

Celebrating births and birthdays

GADSBY/WESTWOODS -- She's here! Bill and Joyce have a new great granddaughter, the 15th to be exact...and born on Jan. 15!

Lots of holiday visiting in the community

A short cold snap followed by a welcome warm up again. A perfect January so far!

Welcome to babies of the new year

GADSBY/WESTWOODS -- A mix of tradition and a twist to the menu for Stan and Gloria Diegel who started with supper and movies.

Mock CBC was at the Christmas concert

Merry Christmas to all and please, please drive safe and find a designated driver through the festivities.

2015 year of changes in Gadsby

GADSBY -- Reflections on 2015 saw a change of councillor and mayor in Gadsby. The Bruce Bignell Park started and put on hold for the winter.

Santa Day rides made kids happy

Since the early 1980s, Gadsby has had Santa Claus Day, a tradition started by Bill and Phyllis Morlock.

What a birthday party

Only 22 days left before Christmas! Are you ready??

Birthday party at community hall this weekend

According to my weather app, by the time this goes to print, there will have been a massive snowfall in our area. Stay safe.

A family of peewee high point winners

Frank and Eleanor Dahlgren had an awesome Saturday night at Delburne, where they attended the 50th Year Awards and Banquet for Gymkhana. /

A week of birthdays in Gadsby

With a light snow falling Monday morning comes a reminder; a little over six weeks until Christmas.

Past residents return for Bazaar

Close to 120 people, young and old, turned out for the 95th annual Gadsby Omega Bazaar and bake sale.

Weekend offers great fun in Gadsby

Another warmer than usual week gone by and hopes of it to continue through this week with the annual bazaar and Halloween this Saturday.

Many Thanksgiving reunions in community

El Nino is here to stay a while longer. The warm weather (minus the strong winds) has been a welcome experience this fall.

Lunar eclipse was spectacular to watch

What a spectacular "Blood Moon" eclipse on Sunday evening around 8 p.m., lasting till almost 9.

Annual bazaar coming up, donations welcome

Haying and harvest, lawns and gardens have all hit a snag with the rains we continue to have.

New mayor for Gadsby, lots of family visits

It's been an exciting 10 days for the Heer family. My cousins from Norway came for 10 days. Jan and Irene, Inge, Ragnhild and Johan.

A Decoration Day to be remembered

The 85th annual Decoration Day on Sunday was well attended with about 185 there.

Come out for Decoration Day

Summer is slowiy coming to an end, school is only a couple weeks away; with this in mind Gadsby Decoration Day is also a couple weeks away.