Paulette Heer

Family reunions and birthdays celebrated over long weekend

Heads up for tornado season; with sightings and touch-downs in Ponoka and near Hardisty, we seem to be in the middle.

Visits, birthdays and anniversaries mark the week

GADSBY/WESTWOODS NEWS -- We've dodged several hail storms in recent days, have experienced some close lightning and thunder.

Seniors’ Day marked in Gadsby

Mowing, trimming and mosquitoes! Are we ever happy?

Many birthdays celebrated

Warm weather, south winds and so far no mosquito problem.

Lots of 4-H success for Big Knife club

GADSBY/WESTWOODS -- Feast or famine! This week many in the area suffered from hail storms. Some doing damage to young plants.

Four generations in equine sports and counting

A million dollar rain was a welcome sight Thursday evening with hopes of a wet long weekend.

Saturday market second week of June

GADSBY/WESTWOODS -- Dry conditions continue in the whole county with a total fire ban in place. Please be careful and safe.

We welcome Fort McMurray evacuees

To the 20 or more people that have taken refuge in and around Stettler: Welcome.

Signs of spring obvious

GADSBY/WESTWOODS -- A sure sign of spring, The Omega Circle Cemetery Club held its first meeting of the year on Thursday, April 21.

After moisture, we want some warmth

Okay, we are getting the moisture, could we turn up the heat a bit, warm spring rain?

Birthdays and funerals are parts of life

GADSBY -- Switching to summer "whine." We need rain not wind!

Bird in the kitchen

GADSBY/WESTWOODS -- Let's talk about the wind. I'm sure all our neighbours have something belonging to us and we probably have theirs!

Lots of visiting over Easter break

GADSBY/WESTWOODS -- The Easter, Spring Break week allowed for travel and visits around the community.

Easter a time for family

Good fellowship, good food, lots of visiting, travel, fun and games were part of the Easter celebrations this past weekend.

Early spring birthdays celebrated in style

Spring is here and like good Alberta weather, a forecast of snow to come.

4-H bottle drive on for another week

GADSBY/WESTWOODS -- As I write this Monday morning, there is a healthy snowfall in progress. I would prefer April showers, but we could...

St. Patrick’s supper next weekend

GADSBY/WESTWOODS -- this "April Showers?" I've personally seen geese, crows and skunk wandering around. Sure signs of spring...

Birthday cakes everywhere

Happy Leap Year! Not too bad to have an extra day when winter has been this good to us.

Big Knife 4-H held public speaking competition

GADSBY/WESTWOODS -- Spring like conditions continue with one day of snow last week to remind us winter is still here.

Celebrating your birthdays

Warm temperatures and high winds have made for icy yards and curbs.