MP Kevin Sorenson

MP Kevin Sorenson addresses Rotarians and guests at Stettler Rotary Club’s weekly meeting on Monday

Volunteers and service clubs make a difference in our community: Sorenson

Volunteers are key to the success of our communities and our country.

MP Kevin Sorenson addresses Rotarians and guests at Stettler Rotary Club’s weekly meeting on Monday

The Alberta Jobs Task Force Report: What the federal government can do to help us get back to work

The AJTF was founded so that each Conservative Alberta MP could consult widely in their communities and find solutions to recommend.

Liberals take tax relief from Canadian troops

Many Canadians are disturbed by the Liberal government’s cancellation of tax relief for our troops deployed in the fight against ISIS.

Economic action Plan 2015 – Balanced Federal Budget

Canada’s Economic Action Plan 2015 is for Canadians.

Canada’s first Victims Bill of Rights

Last week, our Government took a very important step of further recognizing the rights of victims.

Alberta stands to gain from Canadian-Korean trade deal

Again, many constituents are talking about the prospects of a new international trade agreement for Canada

Action steers grain back on track in Western Canada

As the Minister of State (Finance) and member of Parliament for Crowfoot, I’m pleased

Canada’s performance in Sochi of Olympic proportions

Canadians are all very proud of the Canadian Winter Olympic team on its stellar performance in Sochi, Russia.

‘Budget builds on government’s efforts to reduce spending’

While other countries continue to struggle with debt that is spiralling out of control, Canada remains in the most enviable fiscal position

Blessings from Ottawa

From my family to yours, I wish everyone all the blessings of the Christmas holiday season.

Family formula strives to keep taxes low

All across our large riding, families are adjusting to the new daily routines of going back to school.

‘Positive signs’ at retreat

One of my duties this past week as Canada’s new minister of state (finance) was to accompany Finance Minister Jim Flaherty as he hosted

Canada charts its pro-trade strategy

Our Conservative government is focused on what matters to Canadians — jobs, growth and long-term prosperity.

‘I renew my pledge to work diligently’

At the outset of this news column, I want us all to think about the people of Lac-Mégantic, Que., after the tragic train derailment

Central, southern Alberta show spirit

Although the recent floodwaters directly affected a very small area in our riding of Crowfoot, our hearts and prayers go out to the folks

Senate reform needed to clean up ‘very disappointing’ transgressions

Many of you have contacted me following the Senate travel and expenses scandal involving four Senators

Graduation season full of optimism

With the spring season arriving in our riding of Crowfoot, it is not too early to congratulate the many students

‘We must continue to share’ stories of past great leaders

In my travels throughout the Easter break in our riding, we were all nostalgic and reflective after the news

‘Prosperity’ budget title ‘not just words’

Two weeks ago, our Conservative government unveiled Budget 2013

‘Public safety the No. 1 priority’

Over the years, we have all heard about criminal cases and court decisions that involve an accused found “not criminally responsible”