Gwynne Dyer

Donetsk is not Sarajevo

With due apologies to God, Voltaire and the Ukrainians, I must point out that if Ukraine did not exist, it would not be necessary

Rival militia slowly splitting Libya

The Red Wadi (Wadi al Ahmar) lies a bit to the west of the old Roman border between Tripolitania and Cyrenaica

Ukraine: Putin’s choice

Crimea is going to be part of Russia, and there is nothing anybody else can do about it.

Afghanistan: mission not accomplished

Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron rambled a bit on his visit to Afghanistan last December, but ended up

A premature history of the Second Cold War

The first mistake of the Ukrainian revolutionaries was to abandon the agreement of Feb. 23 to create a national unity

‘It’s abrupt climate change — stupid’

This is not how it was supposed to happen.

Burma in midst of transition

Aung San Suu Kyi, Nobel Peace Prize winner and champion of Burmese democracy, declared last June that she would run for president

Syrian peace talks: omens ‘not that bad’

It would be interesting to know just what tidbits of information the U.S. National Security Agency’s eavesdropping has turned up

‘When Egyptians say something, we obey’

General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who led the coup against Egypt’s elected president last July, has one of the finest collections

Supervolcanoes: another thing to worry about

The good thing about volcanoes is that you know where they are. If you don’t want to get hurt, just stay away from them.

Mandela ‘not a saint … but he was in right place at right time’

The Catholic Church consecrates saints with less pomp and sentimentality than was lavished on Nelson Mandela during the weeklong media orgy

Ukraine and the European Union

Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych had much explaining to do at the summit meeting of the European Union in Vilnius, Lithuania

Iran and the U.S. — ‘neither blind nor stupid’

“We are not blind, and I don’t think we are stupid,” said U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in response to fierce Israeli criticism

Chinese demographics checkered from get-go

The big news of the week is that China’s one-child policy is being relaxed.

The Race to Mars shoots into spotlight

The Curse of Mars also applies to Asian countries.

The long and the short of short-term thinking

Short term beats long term most of the time, even when people understand where their long-term self-interest really lies.

‘Rape is an African problem’

Last May, with considerable trepidation, I wrote an article about what seemed to be extraordinarily high rates of rape in Africa.

Syria and the reality of ‘an unexpected rabbit’

When someone pulls a rabbit out of a hat, it’s natural to be suspicious.

World’s best hamburger …

The most important hamburger in the history of the world was cooked (but only half-eaten) in London on Monday.

Egypt: it’s even worse than a crime

Two massacres committed by the Egyptian army in one week.