Gwynne Dyer

Syria: Russia to the rescue?

US Secretary of State John Kerry has just phoned Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warning him not to “escalate the conflict”.

China: The dead cat bounce?

A few weeks ago, at the height of the panic in the Chinese stock markets, a sour joke was doing the rounds.

Islamic State: More Massacres

Last Friday, in France, an Islamist named Yahya Salhi killed his employer, Herve Cornara.

Displacement Activity

The EU’s leaders were meeting in emergency session because of a public outcry over all the refugees drowning...

Half a Titanic

Don’t all rush to one side when you spot a ship that might save you because your boat will capsize and you will drown.

The Middle East: Iran is Back

And you wanted to say: Not the Crusades? Not the Mongol invasion?

With allies like these…

Turkey’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu was in London last week, telling the Western media how helpful Ankara was being

A few differences between 1939 and now

The Ukrainian army is in retreat on every front. Since Russian regular army units came to the aid of

Ukraine: A game of chicken

It is quite possible for soldiers to cross a frontier “by accident on an unmarked section”

Mare Nostrum: A different theme

The last time “Mare Nostrum”(Latin for “Our Sea”) was used as a political slogan in Italy, Mussolini’s fascists

The Middle East: New strategic realities

After half a century of stasis, there are big new strategic realities in the Middle East

The legacy of the First World War

It was not worth even one life,” said Harry Patch shortly before he died in 2009 at the age of 111.

Gaza: A little context

You can see why Hamas doesn’t want a cease-fire in Gaza yet.

American spies in Germany: The end of trust

The question to bear in mind, when reading this whole sorry tale, is this.

The Caliphate Returns

“Listen to your caliph and obey him. Support your state, which grows every day,” said Abu Mohamed al-Adnani

Redemption in Kosovo

“The signs of collusion between the criminal class and the highest political and institutional office holders are too numerous

Ukraine: The price Putin will pay

Conducting an orderly retreat is the hardest thing not only in war but also in politics

Trouble in the South China Sea

If you were running China, and you wanted to distract your own population from economic woes at home

Putin backs down?

Did he just blink? I think he did.

Israel: The “A” word

Hillary Clinton would never have used the word when she was US Secretary of State, because she still has presidential ambitions.