Well-bred sheep won recognition and fetched good dollars at the Wild n’ Woolly 4-H Sheep Club Show

A fun show - Members of the Wild ‘n Woolly 4-H Sheep Club

A fun show - Members of the Wild ‘n Woolly 4-H Sheep Club

MaryEllen Gibson


Wild ‘m Woolly

4-H Club

The Wild ‘n Woolly 4-H Sheep Club held its annual Achievement Day show and sale on Saturday, Aug. 28 at the Bashaw Agricultural Grounds.

The twelve members of the club, four juniors, four intermediates and four senior members participated in three skills competitions. A total of 27 sheep were shown in four conformation classes including market and ewe lamb, yearling ewe and two year old ewe.

The judges for the day were Muriel Dickie from Olds, judging the confirmation, judging and showmanship classes; Diana Pedneault from Lacombe, judged the poster display and the very entertaining and enjoyable costume competition, and Edith Williams of Clive judged the trimming class that was held at the Ponoka County Fair.

Winners were as follows: Overall Grand Champion Showmanship Julie Knapp

Overall Reserve Champion Showmanship Mackenzie Meagher

Show Classes

Overall Grand Champion Breeding Ewe: Owned by Julie Knapp

Overall Reserve Grand Champion Breeding Ewe: Owned by Mackenzie Meagher

Breeding Ewe Lamb Class:

1st – Maryellen Gibson

2nd – Alicia Nibourg

3rd – Justina Nibourg

4th – Julie Knapp

5th – Isacc Nibourg

6th – Andrew Nibourg

Breeding Yearling Ewe Class:

1st – Mackenzie Meagher

2nd – Julie Knapp

3rd – Andrew Nibourg

4th – Maryellen Gibson

> Breeding 2nd Year Ewe Class:

1st – Julie Nibourg

2nd – Maryellen Gibson

3rd – Alicia Nibourg

Market Lamb Class

Overall Grand Champion Market Lamb: Owned by Maryellen Gibson

Overall Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb: Owned by Andrew Nibourg

3rd – Mackenzie Meagher

4th – Morgan Sorenson

5th – Mackenzie Johnson

6th – Isaac Nibourg

7th- Justina Nibourg

8th- Julie Knapp

9th – Alicia Nibourg

Highest Rate of Gain for Market Lamb Class: 1 lb per day, achieved by Morgan Sorenson’s Market lamb.

James Nibourg conducted the market lamb sale for the members.

Grand Champion Market Lamb was purchased by Bearly Moo-ving for $4.00/lb.

Reserve Champion Market Lamb was purchased by G.E.S. Oilfield for $2.85/lb.

Top dollar paid for Market Lamb was a purchase price of $4.50/lb., purchased by Mary Barclay.

The club held a family fun costume class, where 11 outstanding contests and their lambs wore incredible imaginative costumes, from mexican fiestas to damsels in distress.

1st- Isacc Nibourg- Army soldiers

2nd – Mackenzie Johnson- Dragon and princess

3rd – Morgan Sorenson- Oilfield workers