Legendary sheep flock continues BC alpine grazing tradition

There was a time when large bands of sheep grazed the high alpine ranges in BC’s Okanagan and North Thompson regions.

Uncertainty abounds

Weather is creating a fairly volatile trading in the grain markets.

More elevator history

Hopefully everyone does not mind me looking more into the history of the elevators in our Botha area.

More elevator history from Botha area

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Impact study says it all ……. Now we need some action!

Whenever one hears about another ag industry study being released one tends to approach it with some cynicism.

New terminal will help grain shipping…… ….. but other shortcomings remain

A recent announcement by a new player in the grain business has received positive response from industry stakeholders.

Any beer clouds around?

Weather from the East Coast – Tropical Storm Bill – that's actually created headaches for farmers from the Delta up through the Midwest.

Is diversification back to the future again?

For those of us long in the tooth seeing old issues and schemes coming back is part of the march of time.

Is coal getting a bad rap?

One is amazed what comes to light with research on controversial issues of the day.

Boycotts don’t usually work

...... but it's a calculated move on both sides, as seen with anti-oilsands and anti-Alberta lobby groups in BC.

Dandelion invasion continues to spread

...eating or drinking them might be the answer to the dandelion problem.

There’s good news from grain markets

Wheat and corn prices have picked up lately, thanks to some sub-zero temperatures over the past few weeks and a depreciating U.S. dollar.

Ranching and Coal Mining in the Elk Valley

A visit to the Elk Valley area between Sparwood and Fernie, BC noted some changes since your humble writer first arrived there in 1970.

Trade agreement discussions sound familiar

It wasn’t long ago that the ag industry was engulfed in much consternation about the Canada-European Union Free Trade Agreement

Bulls looking for a window

Seeding continues in Western Canada with all Canadian Prairie provinces well ahead of their-year averages.

Orange crush causes apprehension in ag industry

It’s not just the Alberta energy industry that is feeling some consternation from the recent NDP election victory

Vancouver harbour needs to get its act together …. grain shippers and handlers need consequences

The recent fuel spill in Vancouver harbour showed once again how woefully unprepared BC is...

Slow noise

Plant 2015 continues south of the 49th parallel with some activity here in Western Canada

Idle grain ship problem never seems to end

At times there can be up to 20 ships waiting mainly for grains and oilseeds.

Game speed picking up

With an early spring, we’re hitting that time of the month where field activity is picking up steam.