Unemployed workers need jobs and economic growth

Jobs and economic growth are the most important files upon which the current federal Liberals are failing – and it's getting worse.

Jobs and economic growth are the most important files upon which the current federal Liberals are failing miserably – and it’s getting worse. When a government has a firm goal-oriented economic policy that serves all sectors of the economy, Canadians have jobs and spending power. In turn, tax revenues are generated for the government and many other things become more easily achievable, everything from the provision of new or more federal programs and services, to investments, to lower taxes.

The Prime Minister was elected on a promise to create jobs and grow the economy by only borrowing $10 billion a year and capping the annual federal budgetary deficit at $10 billion. He broke that promise and instead is borrowing as much as three times more, $30 billion. Now, according to economists it is $46.5 billion that has been borrowed.

The Prime Minister’s plan is not working. The economy is not growing and regular families across the country – including right here in Battle River-Crowfoot – are losing income and they are losing jobs. Simply borrowing more and more money is actually not creating jobs.

This week in Parliament, the focus was on the failure of the current government to successfully manage the softwood lumber agreement with the United States. Over 95 per cent of Canada’s softwood lumber is exported to the U.S. and 400,000 jobs are dependent on that industry.

Admittedly, it is a difficult file and must be renegotiated periodically. Even as a new government, our Conservative government managed to renew the deal in 2006 because we had to stop the 27 per cent tariffs put on Canadian softwood lumber. It was hurting many Canadians communities, firms, workers and families. Since the new Liberal government came in, there was no mention of softwood lumber in the Trade Minister’s mandate and even today, no discussions of any significance on the file are taking place.

It is a massive industry, yet the Liberal’s response to critics about the file is not to worry because the PM was invited to a dinner with the U.S. President and he was able to take his family there, and we had the President back here and he spoke in Parliament and we have never seen this before. Well, if that is what Canadians are to take some solace in, given how the United States negotiates, we are in trouble.

Canadians know that when they borrow money it has to be paid back, but the Prime Minister’s plan is to pay it back with higher taxes. The Liberals have already hiked taxes on small businesses; cancelled the tax credits for regular families. Coming next is a payroll tax hike and a National Carbon tax hike; and, they are now considering a tax on watching Netflix – opposite to what they said in the election campaign. These taxes will hit everyone.

We have natural resources, gas and oil, which are in trouble; the softwood lumber file, which it seems has had nothing happening in the last year; and our economy, which, even with all the spending the government is doing, is not growing. Nothing the Liberals are doing seems to be working for average Canadians.

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