Stargazing: Ripples in space-time

Gravity wave astronomy is a newborn science, rather like radio astronomy

  • Jun 22nd, 2017

Conservatives, strong and free

When I got involved in the Wildrose Party, I wanted to provide strong conservative leadership to put pressure on the PC government.

Avoidable collapse

How to avoid a catastrophic political collapse within the conservative movement.

Volunteers and service clubs make a difference in our community: Sorenson

Volunteers are key to the success of our communities and our country.

You are the grassroots

The input of Albertans is critical to the choices that they will have at the ballot box.

Making it work

Adversity is just part of life when you’re miles from anywhere and a bump or a boulder lie in the road ahead.

We were willing to sacrifice to succeed, and we achieved victory at great cost

The Battle of Vimy Ridge marked the beginning of Canada's evolution from dominion to independent nation.

The spirit of Alberta

Opportunity, generosity and selflessness are all the qualities that have created the Alberta spirit.

Securing our own mask first

Becoming an additional victim in an emergency will instantly take a person from being an asset to a liability in the outcome.

Liberal government tries to unilaterally change rules

The Liberal government in Ottawa has released a discussion paper on bringing changes to the Standing Orders of the Parliament of Canada.

If ever there were a time for encouraging jobs and growth, it is now

Alberta’s Legislature reconvened for the spring session with the Throne Speech on Thursday, March 2.

As the tide turns: the world’s biggest coal users are not buying into the high-cost anti-coal doctrines

In 2007, Australians elected a Labour government that’s the down-under equivalent of Canada’s NDP.

The Alberta Jobs Task Force Report: What the federal government can do to help us get back to work

The AJTF was founded so that each Conservative Alberta MP could consult widely in their communities and find solutions to recommend.

Liberals take tax relief from Canadian troops

Many Canadians are disturbed by the Liberal government’s cancellation of tax relief for our troops deployed in the fight against ISIS.

Property and freedom: part six in a six-part series on property rights

A key message in the publication, "Property and Freedom" is that poverty is not a mystery.

Property and freedom – part five in a six-part series on property rights

Many people know that in addition to being the MLA for Drumheller-Stettler, I am the Shadow Critic for Property Rights . . .

The property rights of a grain grain grower

I was over 40 before I fully realized that the term property rights applies to much more than farmland and real estate.

Op-Ed: Sylvan Lake gets seven days a week health services

Hon. Sarah Hoffman, Minister of Health, talks access to enhanced medical care in Sylvan Lake

  • Jan 26th, 2017

Property shapes behaviour

As the Property Rights critic in the legislature, I was recently given the opportunity to look at a soon-to-be-released publication...

Countdown to Canada 150! Want to join the party?

How are you celebrating Canada's 150 birthday? 2017 is finally here!