Botha once had famous band

Starting to feel like autumn more and more all the time with the harvest in the process, gardens almost all in

Botha Booster

Starting to feel like autumn more and more all the time with the harvest in the process, gardens almost all in, leaves starting to turn colors, and cooler weather especially at nights, so hopefully we get Indian Summer soon.

Some of our activities are going to start up again really soon with everything getting back to normal again for another season until June of next year. Hopefully everyone had a great summer and the events are welcoming everyone back to join them.

The first Old-Time Dance will be in a couple of weeks from now, Sunday, Sept. 28, starting at 1p.m. the Midnight Pals Band will be entertaining the crowd. So make sure you get your dancing shoes found again, and ready to go.

Let’s look back at the first bands they had in the earlier days. On January 29, 1922, the Botha Band gave their first concert in the hall. This was a home institution that was becoming a matter of pride around the county. On January 18, 1923 the Botha Band played in the Stettler rink for a carnival.

Than in April 1923, the band had several dates booked around the county such as a concert for Erskine and another one in Gadsby. Their music was very enjoyable by everyone and this band was getting well known and enjoyed around the county. The band was assisted by Mrs. Eisentiraunt and Mrs. MacKay, Mrs. Hanson and Mrs. Ball- vocal. By the late 1920s, they played for intermissions and other musical activities. They had become a concert orchestra by then, and had several other musicians who joined them.

In 1925, Botha was engaged to play for the Battle River Stampede, which was in June 1925. July 1923, they also played for the Gadsby Sport Day and in August 1925, they took part in an unveiling ceremony in Stettler.

In March 1928, Botha Band put on a program and dance, when the music was broadcast over CJCA for a hour.

Botha musicians also donated some of their time playing for the “Spinsters Convention” and other fund raising activities..

In June 1928, the band won 4th place in the Edmonton Fair. Results were broadcast over CKUA University Station. With this happening, Norman Fishwick and W. Jolly took 1st and 2nd place as soloists.

In August 1928, a banquet which was held in honor of the band having 125 people.

In July 1931, the Botha Band was represented by Charles Hiskey, Wilbur Eyestone, Wes Bright, John Garrels, Paul Zipse who played in Edmonton. Later that month, they accompanied the Elks Band of Stettler to Red Deer Fair and Sylvan Lake.

So back then, they had a very active band, and not many towns the size of Botha could boost about the operettas, band concerts, ministerial shows and an accomplished pit orchestra they had and everyone were local people right out of Botha, which is very interesting. However, the band itself no longer exists, Botha still holds Old Time Dances in our little community, which are held the last Sunday of each month, for everyone to enjoy.

Bingo evening takes place the evening of Tuesday, Sept. 16, starting at 7:15 p.m. The Jackpot and Loonie pot have not been won for quite some time, so why not come out that evening and join us, who knows you could be the lucky one taking them home with you.

With fall upon us, so is fall cleaning, so the land transfer station site is open Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings for your convenience.